How to watch the Cubs-Cubs game tonight

How to watch the Cubs-Cubs game tonight

The Cubs will take on the Cardinals in St. Louis tonight, as the Cubs are looking to bounce back from their first loss of the season.

But this game is far from over.

Here’s how you can watch the game, from the comfort of your own home. 

The Cubs face off against the Cardinals tonight.

They are 3-5 on the season and are one win away from making the playoffs.

The Cubs have won their last two games against the Cards, which are in a different division, but this is their first real test against them. 

Tonight’s game will begin at 6:00pm ET. 

On Friday, October 27, the Cubs were shutout in a 7-3 loss to the Phillies.

This was the team’s second loss in four games, after a 4-1 loss to Cincinnati on September 30. 

“The next game we need to be able to play better than the one before,” said Kris Bryant, who is hitting .286/.342/.477 with two home runs and nine RBIs in the team season opener.

“We’ve got to be a lot more consistent and a lot better defensively.

And we’ve got the bullpen coming along.

We’ve got guys who have been on the field and working hard.” 

There is no guarantee that the Cardinals will be able for this game to be as good as it was last year.

They were a playoff team last season, and their defense has struggled. 

But this time around, the Cardinals are coming off of a tough loss to Milwaukee.

They came away with a 6-3 win, but have since dropped two more games. 

Here’s how the Cubs and Cardinals will stack up: Cardinals 2-2, .545 winning percentage (15-17) Cubs 1-2 , .615 (8-15) How to watch this game You can watch this contest online via

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