Amazon is hiring 10,000 engineers for next-generation games platform

Amazon is hiring 10,000 engineers for next-generation games platform

Amazon is now hiring 10 to 20 people for next year’s new game platform, the Amazon Fire platform, The Verge has learned.

The hires are part of Amazon’s ongoing effort to make the Fire a more viable platform for developers.

In August, Amazon announced that it was hiring more than 10,300 developers, developers and engineers for its new platform.

“We’re building the next generation of video games for Amazon Fire and our next generation for Android and iOS,” Amazon Chief Product Officer and Vice President of Game Innovation, Chris Moberg, said at the time.

“I want to thank all of our developers, designers, engineers and customers for their hard work and dedication.”

In a blog post in August, Moberd said the Fire would have a much broader developer base than it had earlier in the year.

“With a growing base of developers, we will be able to build even better games for our users,” he wrote.

“While we will have a limited number of developers available to work on the new platform, we believe it will also provide more developer resources to help drive more games to users.”

The new hires will work on an independent team and are expected to be part of the Amazon development team until at least 2020.

“The Fire team is looking for a broad array of talent to join our growing team of developers and will provide an even greater opportunity for developers to reach millions of people across the world,” Mober, who is also the CEO of mobile gaming company Fireproof, said in a blog.

“In the coming months, we’ll be hiring a team of the best developers on the planet.”

Mober also said Amazon has hired more than 20 new developers to help its Fire platform expand its user base.

“Developers will be responsible for designing, programming, testing, publishing, and optimizing Fire for the platforms they will be building on,” he said.

Amazon’s announcement of the hires came as the company began its fourth-quarter earnings call.

During the call, Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos also announced the creation of the new Amazon Game Lab, a new research group to work with other developers on “game development research and development,” and Amazon has also announced that the Fire platform will receive more updates.

The Fire platform launched in September 2016.

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