‘Pa-game’ video game commission in Indonesia is illegal

‘Pa-game’ video game commission in Indonesia is illegal

Indonesian police have launched an investigation into a video game video game design commission in the country, after the commission accused its leader of fraud.

The video game project called Pa-game was set up by a man in his 20s and had an estimated value of about $30,000.

It was supposed to help Indonesian children learn game design and development skills.

But the group’s leader, who is in his 40s, is accused of running a criminal organisation, illegally transferring money to the organisation, and embezzling money from the group.

His lawyer said the video game company had been receiving money from him for several years.

“The group was going to get its share from the money, but that didn’t happen,” lawyer Bambang Lohas told AFP news agency.

“They had already taken out a loan of about 1.8 million Baht ($14,000) from us, but the money was never spent and we didn’t receive anything from them.”

We’ve got two children who were enrolled in Pa-Game, but we haven’t received any money for them from them, they just borrowed the money,” he said.

He said the company was planning to launch its own game project and that Pa-Games’ leader had promised to deliver a product.”

Pa-Game was set to do something for Indonesia,” Lohs said.”

But the chairman has changed his mind and he’s now running his own game company.

“A spokesman for the prosecutor general’s office said it was conducting a thorough investigation.”

It is important to point out that the video games industry in Indonesia has become one of the fastest growing sectors in Indonesia, but there is still much work to be done,” the spokesman said in a statement.”

This investigation is also aimed at identifying who is financing this illegal enterprise and who is responsible for the illegal transfer of funds.

“The video games business is estimated to generate about $20 billion a year in Indonesia.

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