‘I don’t care about your comments’ – India to tackle rape and sexual violence on Twitter

‘I don’t care about your comments’ – India to tackle rape and sexual violence on Twitter

A young Indian girl who had posted an image of herself on Facebook wearing a burqa and holding a sign saying ‘I Don’t Care About Your Comments’ is among those who have been labelled as ‘rape-apologists’ by her family, according to a report by India Today.

The teenager was a student at a private university in India when she posted the image and a few days later received a number of abusive messages.

‘I have been threatened and abused on social media, she said in the report.

‘The people who posted this on my Facebook page are very threatening to me, and I don’t want them to do anything.

‘People in the media are trying to make me look like a bad person, they say.

‘They don’t like that I’m a Muslim and have an image on my page, they said.

‘One person even told me that I should be ashamed of my religion.

‘It’s a huge shame that I don,t care about any of your comments, I just want to live a normal life,’ she said.

The woman’s mother and sister told India Today they have been receiving threats since the photo was posted.

A police officer said in a statement to India Today that a number, including members of the local police, are aware of the issue.

He also said a report was being prepared and that action would be taken against the people responsible for the post.

A report on the incident has been filed by the police, it said. 

A woman wears a burka as she attends a protest in New Delhi against rape and gender violence on February 2, 2017.(AFP Photo/B.

Siddharth)In an email to India’s Times Now TV channel, the police officer also said that the matter is under investigation.

India’s new law to curb rape and other gender-based violence has sparked protests in India and around the world, but the government has defended it as necessary to fight the spread of violent extremist ideologies. 

The Indian government has made a number inroads against hate speech online, with the new law criminalising ‘incitement’ and ‘propaganda’ of hate.

But the laws do not apply to people who make ‘false statements’ about someone else or incite violence against them, and they also do not include any provisions against spreading false information on social networking sites. 

Police say the new bill is needed to combat the spread and spread of radical Islamist ideologies in the country.

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