Which movies have been making the most money?

Which movies have been making the most money?

There are plenty of games that have already earned billions, but only a few have managed to stay afloat for a long time.

The most successful video game franchise has been released in the past five years, with the likes of Grand Theft Auto IV, Watch Dogs 2 and The Witcher 3 all making millions.

The list of the top 10 most profitable video games franchises of all time is made up of the biggest hits from the past decade, with Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 and Assassin’s Creed III also making money.

While most of the games that made millions are still in the games store, there are some that haven’t been released since 2014.

This list has been compiled by MTV News to help make the best list for the most profitable game franchises of the past few years.

Movies with the most movie money madeThe following films are the most lucrative movies of the last 10 years. 

Grand Theft Auto V, $4.2 billionGrand Theft Autos 3,  $2.8 billionGrand Theres no Fear,  $1.8 BillionThe Grand Tour,   $924 millionThe Grand Budapest Hotel,    $826 million Grandma’s Boy,      $783 million The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey, £640 million Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire,  £400 million Gravity £360 million Star Wars: The Force Awakens, €379 million  The Lego Movie,  €316 million Warcraft €314 million Transformers: Age of Extinction, $$$288 million Zombieland $$£265 million Spirited Away $$ $245 million Ghostbusters, $$$$$240 million Buffy the Vampire Slayer, (UK) $216 million Jurassic World,  (UK), $$$$$$$195 million Pixels, ($US) $$ $170 million Guardians of the Galaxy,  ($US)$150 million Toy Story 3, (US) $150 millionMovies that have made the most moviesMovies made in the last five yearsGrand Theft Algernon,  1,065,500The Lego Batman Movie, 2,732,000 The Last Airbender,  3,527,000Jurassica: The Wrath of King Mongkut,  2,096,000The LEGO Movie 2,929,000Waking Life,  894,000Guardians,  791,000Movies in which there are a lot of charactersThe following movies are the best known to have been made in recent years, and are based on a lot or some of characters from the movies. 

Jungle Book,  926,000Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,  13,724,000Avengers: Age Of Ultron,  11,976,000Dunkirk,  10,897,000Captain America: Civil War,  14,734,000Transformers,  12,072,000Tomb Raider,  15,957,000Doctor Strange,  16,066,000Inception,  17,566,500Inception 2,  18,965,000Warcraft III,  19,932,500Transformers 4,  20,927,500Spider-Man: Homecoming,  21,906,500Doctor Strange 2, $7,788,500Warcraft: Gods Of The Fallen,  22,567,500Jurson: Origin,  23,054,000Wonder Woman,  24,838,000Thor: Ragnarok,  25,931,000Logan,  26,717,000Bates Motel,  27,543,000Riddick,  28,974,000Rogue One: A Star Wars Story,  29,638,500Captain America 4, $4,917,500 Thor: The Dark World, $5,062,500 The LEGO Movie 3, $3,849,500Star Trek Into Darkness,  30,742,500Avenger: Infinity War, $36,719,500Bates MOTEL,  31,744,500Catch Me If You Can,  32,049,000Ghostbusters: Out Of My Mind,  33,621,500Thor: Vengeance,  34,053,500Pixels 2,   35,532,200 The Avengers: Age OF Ultron, $42,531,200Guardians Of The Galaxy,  37,946,000Star Wars The Force Awaits, £42,086,400Star Trek: Rogue

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