Google: Games are like toys, not like books, says director

Google: Games are like toys, not like books, says director

By Alex SosnowskiA game publisher is hoping that the introduction of virtual reality headsets like the Oculus Rift will help it get more of its games onto shelves and more of them in the hands of gamers.

While Google doesn’t make a dime from virtual reality, it’s one of the company’s most lucrative businesses.

That’s partly because of the billions of dollars in revenue it generates from the sale of Android apps and Google Play, the online store for Android smartphones and tablets.

As virtual reality hits the mainstream, it is making its way into games, but it’s not yet clear if the devices are going to become a big part of that equation.

But Google’s chief creative officer David Rothman says virtual reality is the future of gaming, and he believes the first VR games will likely be “really, really good.””VR is the next frontier,” he said in an interview with VentureBeat, the site of the annual technology conference in Santa Clara, California.

“There’s a lot of new ideas out there that are very, very good and very disruptive.”

The most obvious VR headset, the Oculus virtual reality headset, has a price tag of $2,500.

It’s currently only available through Google Play.

It works with a limited number of phones and games, and has limited performance.

“I don’t think the price is going to change.

I think the consumer will have to decide if it’s worth the price,” Rothman said.

“VR has a huge opportunity to be the next big technology, and there’s an opportunity for VR to be an industry leader.”

Rothman said the new technology will be similar to the way that people use tablets and PCs to play games.

“There’s going to be a lot more games being made with VR,” he explained.

“If you look at a lot that’s been done with tablets and PC, you’re basically doing things that are pretty similar to what people are doing with tablets.

They’re playing games.”

Roughly three years ago, VR was the hottest tech buzzword.

A couple of years later, it was still on the radar, but virtual reality was just starting to catch on.

VR is more than a VR headset that allows you to move around and interact with other people, but also to create your own virtual worlds.

“It’s like the way you can create your favorite movie or TV show in your living room,” said Scott Healy, co-founder of VR startup Aperture.

“You can put it on your big screen, it has an app on your phone, and then when you get home, you can watch it on YouTube.

It allows you in a very intimate way to be with a real person, a real movie, a movie that you’ve never seen before.”

Rays of lightA new virtual reality game called Ray of Light, developed by Microsoft and Oculus VR, is currently in development for the HTC Vive.

The game looks a lot like a traditional shooter, in that it has you shooting lasers at other people and enemies.

There’s also a mechanic where you can shoot yourself.

Rothmant has a very different vision for virtual reality.

He said he sees VR as a way to empower consumers to become more productive and creative.

“People have a lot to gain by doing something creative,” he told VentureBeat.

“And if you’re going to have people in the workforce, they need to have something to do.

They need to do something that they love.

And if you get those people working on things that you love, that’s what they’ll become great employees.”

It’s an idea that has been around for a long time.

For example, in 2015, Apple introduced the iMac, a desktop computer with a screen that could display 360-degree video.

And while virtual reality may seem like the next logical step, Rothman told Venture Beat that it’s more like the evolution of video games.

Virtual reality is a relatively new technology.

It was first introduced in 2006, when Microsoft developed the Oculus headset, which allowed people to look at virtual environments like the movie theater.

Since then, virtual reality has been used in a variety of ways.

In 2010, Oculus partnered with Sony to create the PlayStation VR headset.

And now virtual reality games have made the leap from the PC to the iPhone, from smartphones to TVs.

Google is trying to capitalize on the trend by offering an alternative to the Oculus headsets, and Rothman believes that virtual reality will play a large role in the future.

“We’re excited to see the technology and the consumer adoption of this,” he stated.

“I think it’s going a long way to getting more people to have more productive lives.

That has to start in the home.”

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