Briwns has a new game, it’s called patriots and it’s great

Briwns has a new game, it’s called patriots and it’s great

Aussie developer Briwn has created a game called patriants that is set in the world of the military.

It’s a game that players can play with their mates and it has a very retro-inspired style, according to its creator.

Briwn said it has players fight a team of “pilots” on the ground, with a game board, and on top of that, there’s a big space to shoot at.

It plays out similar to the first person shooter game, with the player on the side controlling their aircraft and shooting their targets.

“It’s a multiplayer game, and we have a lot of friends that play it,” said Briwn CEO Brett Wigglesworth.

“We have a really small team of people that play the game together, but it’s been a long time since we’ve had a multiplayer experience like that.”

Briwn’s newest game is called Patriots, and it comes out for PC, Mac and Linux on May 23.

It features the classic game mechanics of the original, but with new additions, including the ability to team up with friends to fight for your cause, and to collect and use power-ups to get stronger.

“Pilots are a little bit of a staple of what you’ve come to expect in this game,” said Wiggelsworth.

Patriots will also have a co-op mode for players to play together, as well as a “team” mode where the player can team up to play against.

“A lot of our players that have played the first-person shooter games, they’re not that big of fans of co-ops, but that’s a very big part of what we’re building, and what we want to make sure that you’re doing, and they’re happy about that,” he said.

“So, when you have the game with co-operating players, they are happy about it, and I think that’s important.”

The game will also feature a new “pilot”, who will be a pilot who is a little more “douchebag” than the original Pilots, who was the leader of a group of soldiers in the past.

In Patriots they’ll be fighting against a new enemy called “The Army”, who are a team that’s formed to stop Briwn from making the game.

“The game has a lot more co-operative stuff, and there’s two-player multiplayer,” said the Briwn co-founder.

“You’ll be able to play the co-pilot and the player you play against as the two of you.”

Patriots is set to release on PC, Windows and Mac, and will cost $20.

“I don’t think it will be out for quite some time,” said Patriots co-creator Brett Wiggsworth.

In the meantime, the game is available for pre-order on Steam, which is offering a limited number of copies for the game’s price of $10.

The first game in the Briwen series, Patriots, is out now for PC and Mac.

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