Luthiel APK Android Game

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Luthiel APK Details :
Last Updated : April 22,2016
Size : 48 MB
Version :1.0.42806
Requires Android :4.0 and up
Developer : Raidmob

Luthiel APK Features :

The town has been destroyed and the enemies are raising their dark power.
The refugees are waiting for savior from the bottom of the heart.
Please rebuild the town from ruin and save the refugees, furthermore you can build up the greatest kingdom with your friends and join battle with other players.
We believe that you are the chosen ONE who can defeat the Dragons.

Unique and ethereal fantasy world
Epic story of the winged heroes in Sky islands
Venture other players’ town and lands in virtual world
Battle in Abyssian tower, a bridge from sky to land.

Be a hero of legendary war
Developing characters with combination over 10 classes such as Warrior, Thief, Priest, Seeker, Monk, Knight, Sniper, Sage, Marauder, and Ranger.
Individual Skill tree system for each class
Tons of items with various status
Refine & upgrade of the items and additional properties
Group your party with various races of followers including Orc, Fromel, Gnoll, Pan and of course Human.

Faction System
– Celeos VS Hadesian VS Dragons
– Battle among Player VS Player VS NPC races
Territorial dispute in neutral zone

Land Invasion
Attack other players’ lands to get rewards.
Protect your lands by developing them and placing followers against other players.

Carry out various quests from town
Various achievements depending on game play

Occupying Points : Gain occupying points from adventure in neutral zone.
– Cooperate with your faction members and make neutral zone under our influence!
Friendship Points : Gain friendship points through interaction between friends.
Honor Points : Gain honor points from PvP.
– Attack other player’s lands as much as possible!!

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